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As an independent practice we are free to select the best lenses from any manufacturer. This means we can offer you a wider choice together with a personal service that caters for your particular requirements, lifestyle and budget.When you visit our practice we will discuss your needs and advise you on the best options.

Choosing the correct  lenses  for your spectacles:

  • Thin and lightweight

New hi-index materials mean that your lenses can be made thinner, lighter and better looking.

  • Single vision

As their name implies these are corrective spectacle lenses with the same prescription over their whole surface and are available in an extensive range of materials and powers. They are used when you want to have the widest field of vision for a specific focus – for example driving, intermediate or reading lenses.

  • Varifocals

If you require both near and distance vision correction, one solution is to have different pairs of spectacles for reading and distance vision but this can be inconvenient. Another option is bifocals, but they have a sudden change in focus and an obvious line across the lens. Varifocal have a gradual change in their optical power.There is no jump between your near and distance vision. As a result, varifocals give you better middle distance focus as well as looking more attractive without the dividing line of bifocals.


Choosing the best coatings for your lenses:

  • Scratch-resistant

Most people choose plastic lenses because they’re lighter than glass and less likely to break however plastic scratches more easily than glass. To prolong the life of your lenses, we recommend a scratch-resistant coating.

  • Anti-reflection

An anti reflective coating virtuallly eliminates the light reflected from the surface of the lenses. This has several important benifits. First, you will look better when wearing your glasses because there are no distracting reflections. Secondly, a reduction in reflected light can improve your  vision and reduce eye strain. For example, an anti-reflection coating helps to reduce headlight glare when you are driving at night. It is also recommended for computor screens.

  • Tints and UV filters

Excessive exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays can be harmful to your eyes and may cause long term damage. If you are at risk then a UV filter coating for your lenses is advisable. A wide choice of tints is also available to reduce the amount of light reaching your eyes and to make your vision more comfortable.

Seeing the world better – Essilor Lens Supplier

 A world leader since 1881- Essilor is world famous for the Varilux lens, the world’s first varifocal, which was invented in 1959. Since then over 200 million Varilux lenses have been manufactured world wide. With a 25% market share, Essilor is the world leader in ophthalmic products with operations in Europe, Asia and North & South America. One in every two varifocal lenses sold worldwide is an Essilor lens. For plastic lenses, the proportion is one in three.
Essilor has four major brands that embody cutting edge technology. Varilux (varifocal lenses), Airwear (polycarbonate lenses), Crizal (lenses with multiple coatings) and Transitions (photochromic lenses).
The Varilux brand often features in the national press and on radio and linked merchandising for Varilux Specialist Opticians means its campaign is a familiar sight in almost every High Street.
Essilor has attained ISO 9002 and ISO 9001:2000, following continual reassessment of systems, procedures and quality throughout the manufacturing facility.

Occupational Lenses

There are times when ‘standard’ designs are not completely suitable. For instance, Musicians, Pilots, Electricians, Mechanics, Painters and Decorators need to be able to see a close object above their eye-line as well as having normally placed distance and reading vision. There are a range of occupational designs for use under these circumstances. People who work on a VDU screen sometimes need a lens with a much wider intermediate area than normal, and specialist designs are available for this in Multifocal forms.

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